The Les Brown Experience
How to BeCome a Successful Entrepreneur
DAY 1: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 | 9:00 AM
Tampa Theatre Tampa, FL
711 N Franklin St, Tampa, FL 33602
DAY 2: Thursday, July 12, 2018 | 9:00 AM
2225 N Lois Avenue I Tampa FL 33607 I USA
Meet The Speakers

Cody Mannix

Cody Mannix is an NFPT certified personal trainer, life coach, PNF stretching specialist, injury prevention specialist and teaches guided meditation to control the mind and body. Cody has over 15 years experience in the health and wellness industry. He has helped open several gyms, managed hundreds of personal trainers and has broken records selling membership packages and training programs. He is currently doing corporate training and runs challenges all over the country. Cody has sold over 10,000 memberships in less then two years with a proven marketing strategy to increase revenue in gyms, yoga studios, MMA, and private fitness clubs. Cody specializes in weight loss, body weight exercises, performance training, unique dumbbell routines, core and ab programs to tighten and tone the midsection, and break through stretching techniques to unwind the body.

Cody uses fitness metaphors and inspirational quotes to keep you on top of your game. He is a motivational speaker and protege of the legendary Les Brown. Mr. Brown took Cody under his wing and helped change his life to achieve greatness. Les helped him understand that someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality. Through the trials and tribulations of his past he created his trademark signature line “Better Body Better Life, looking good and feeling good from the inside out”. Understanding that true happiness and fulfillment comes from within, Cody believes in taking complete ownership of your life and helping others grow daily. His number one goal is to help others commit themselves to living a healthy lifestyle of extreme faith, discipline, execution, and hitting those reps!!! He quotes, “Repetition/Reputation. What you do when your alone that’s the reps, reputation is reaping the benefits of those reps."
As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity.

As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on achievement for audiences as large as 80,000—Les Brown energizes people to meet the challenges of the world around them. He skillfully weaves his compelling life story into the fabric of our daily lives.

The thread is forever strengthened, touting why you can’t afford to be complacent and to aim high, achieve and actively make an impact on the world.
Melody Garcia is both a #1 International & National Best- Selling Author, with her co-authored book titled " Women Who Influence" which has also been accepted in the Library of Congress. A multiple award winning writer, speaker, thought leader and influencer, Melody's passion for humanity is evident in all the work she is involved in. 

Melody founded and leads the 14th Congressional Action team in the United States for Unicef, representing 190 countries for children advocacy. She is a contributing columnist for Manila Up International Magazine, with a column titled "Life Journey" and has been blessed to interview some of the world' biggest influencers in their true to life breakdown to breakthrough. In addition, she is a television show host for her segment titled "Melody in Motion" aired globally on ACTV and KXLA. 
Rich Fontaine is a Certified Speaker with the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team and an AAMCB nominated Best Selling Author who has dedicated his life to help others find the purpose in theirs.

Rich Fontaine started with very humble means, born the son of two lovely parents from the small island of Haiti, who did not have much in the ways of finances but had abundance in love. Instilled in him to always work hard and walk an ethical and moral path. Though his family always raised him with character he still fell down the wrong path, getting into trouble and fist fights at school. He left for college to find a better way but instead found himself flunked out with no aims or goals, but through great study and research of all the greatest and most successful people in the world, reading hundreds of books he found the answers to success and a proper mindset. 
James Wood is a living testimony of the Power of God’s Grace! Growing up in a rough neighborhood in Miami, Florida, James spent most of his youth fighting, being expelled from all Public Schools, and potentially was going down a road that had left friends dead or in prison. Through good mentors, and big dreams; James’ life turned a corner.

His experiences, challenges and overcoming the odds have led him to sharing a real, raw and relevant message that is empowering people across the globe to wake up and maximize their potential. From business conventions to group coaching sessions, church and ministry conferences, James creates a high energy, fun and dynamic atmosphere; delivering a message of Hope and encouragement to people from all walks of life.
Jose Flores is CEO and Founder of Indispensable Now, LLC. As a Les Brown protégé, dynamic international motivational speaker, best selling author, and mental toughness expert. Jose travels all over the world using his unique story of growing up with a physical disability and the struggles associated with it. His main message is to never allow your struggles to become your standard and how to overcome them. It doesn’t matter if they’re personal or business struggles, he will show you how to push through until you get through. Jose’s passion is to inspire and motivate everyone he meets to learn more, do more, and become more.

Jose is a contributor to Thrive Global publication and has been featured on multiple television networks.

He speaks to thousands of people at colleges, non-profits, corporations, and business seminars, every year on how to be Indispensable Now even when the odds are stacked against you. He has developed a unique way to captivate the audience to bring forth transformation, motivation, and maximize results.
In a time when motivation, mindset and decision making is needed more than ever, Todd Speciale simply takes it to another level! His story of perseverance empowers others to believe they can accomplish greatness too. Todd wasn’t envisioning a life of lifting others up until he felt the impact it had on his life and more so how it impacted the lives he touched. Coming from a childhood of financial struggle, his story proves it’s not about resources, it’s about being resourceful! Todd’s heart is full of passion and guarantees a level of optimism unmatched in today’s world. His charismatic demeanor has allowed him to become one of the premier motivational speakers that people can count on. His words are backed by massive action catapulting entrepreneurs of all ages to a level of success they’ve only dreamt of.

When Todd speaks, he uses the hard-won lessons he learned throughout life and transfers and immense energy to the crowd like never felt before. His natural ability to make you truly feel is what sets him aside from the speakers today. His background as a Fortune 500 sales trainer, stems from record breaking achievements not yet matched. Todd’s legacy wish is to utilize his talents to touch as many lives as he can. Through motivational speaking, inspirational speaking, entrepreneurism, being a life-coach and sales training he teaches the masses how to yield exceptional results by putting the people, over the paycheck.
Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Frank D. Murphy persevered through countless obstacles to live out his dream of playing professional football. His journey to the NFL began in high school where he won numerous awards as the senior running back and return specialist at West Nassau High School, including: All-American, All State and Player of the Year.

Beyond the football field, Murphy has consistently engaged with the community and supported programs that educate and empower others to realize their dreams. Throughout his career, Murphy has held numerous football camps, workshops and toy drives for at risk youth; Murphy has been honored repeatedly with awards and recognitions for his community service initiatives, including being granted the Key to the City of Callahan, Florida.

Murphy’s determined attitude to persevere through the unexpected challenges of life has prepared him to impact audiences nationwide as an author and speaker. He believes that when people commit to identifying purpose, making the right choices and becoming a role model for others they will live their best lives possible.

Eric Stoller has produced over 500 live seminars with attendees from 100 to 2000
attendees.these events have featured some of the leading experts in the areas of
Personal Development. Brian Tracy, JIm Rohn, Wally Amos, Denis Waitley to
name a few.

His unique perspective as a top producer, manager of elite sales organizations, and
as an owner of multiple businesses gives us proven and powerful sales strategies to
increase our results.

As a speaker, Eric has done over 8,500 meetings to over 3,000 different
companies, while training over 500,000 sales professionals over the last 21 years.

Eric is the President of Strategic Seminars and has consulted with hundreds of
companies on developing seminars and conferences.
Lixon Nelson was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1980.  He and his family emigrated to the United States when he was two years old. While in college, he was diagnosed with Chrohn’s disease. He struggled to find other individuals with the same disease for support in coping with the challenges of living with his disability. Also, through personal experience, he learned the difficulties disabled individuals face in securing viable employment. 

Lixon became increasingly frustrated with the amount of time it took him to find the necessary resources to assist him with his path to a normal productive life. He discovered that technology could be the catalyst to provide for himself and others a way to connect to a plethora of resources for their own disabilities. 

This led him to found a non-profit organization, the Alliance Community and Employment Services, Inc. (ACES). 
ACES assists countless disabled jobseekers to secure employment in South Florida. 

Lixon believes that an individual is not defined by their medical condition or disability, and that anyone can achieve their goals as long as they have the correct support system in place.

Chris Cavallini is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, Veteran, speaker and social media influencer. He is a multi time Forbes featured personality and the CEO of Nutrition Solutions, a national lifestyle and meal preparation company.

During his turbulent youth he was arrested 17 times prior to his 18th birthday and later served jail time for the distribution of a controlled substance. Cavallini ultimately changed his life’s course by dedicating his life to personal development, philanthropy and helping people unlock their inner potential. 

His goal is to enhance the confidence of those he comes into contact with by educating them on the practical action steps needed to reach the next level. 

Tuck Taylor


Tuck’s passion for health and wellness lead him to become the founder, CEO and President of Tampa Bay’s #1 performance enhancement and weight loss facility, Beast Athletics. He began with a handful of clients in a hot Florida parking lot and now owns a 4,000 square- foot facility where he and his team are able to serve over 200 members. Tuck attributes Beast Athletics’ success to consistently delivering awesome services to a diverse client base who experience positive results. His BEAST approach to fitness has produced numerous physical and mental transformations and he has positively impacted the lives of many of his members both inside and outside of the gym. 

Tuck shares his knowledge with a variety of people including NBA prospects, student athletes, educators and even couch potatoes to help them understand the importance of staying focused to reach beyond their goals and achieve higher levels of success. His BEAST Thinking seminars have become very popular and he has shared this wisdom on a corporate level by providing in-service trainings at local businesses as well as spending time speaking at schools and local agencies serving troubled youth. His ability to connect with the youth has lead to many phone calls from individual parents requesting one on one BEAST Thinking sessions for their teens. Tuck believes that young people who understand the science of training the brain will achieve success at a much faster pace.      

Will Power Duquette

A mind-blowing experience for your audience that will be talked about long after the event.

Are you looking for an infotainer that can captivate, motivate, inspire, and transform your team?

Do you want high-energy, powerful, impactful and life- changing entertainment to help touch, inspire and move your audience? 

As an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Venture Investor, Certified Hypnotherapist and Master Wealth & Mindset Coach, Will PowerTM Duquette has transformed thousands of peoples’ lives around the world. A world-leading expert in subconscious programming, persuasion and influence skills, which is crucial to success, Will PowerTM delivers humor, candor and hypnosis to help his audience pursue a happy, more fulfilled life of abundance and wealth. With more than 25 years experience in building wealth and personal development, Will PowerTM has transformed individuals to conquer their fears and live powerfully. He has mentored the original Shark from Shark TankTM Kevin Harrington; and has shared the stage with top thought-leaders like President Donald Trump, Lord Sugar of London, Sir Richard Branson, Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, John Travolta, Halle Barry, Gene Simmons and MORE.

Will PowerTM is Amazon’s Best-Selling author of the book New Rules of the Game: Top Secrets to Winning Big in Business & Life. He built a successful empire of wealth in real estate, personal development, hypnotherapy, speaking and training. He has been credited with shifting a wave of empowering individuals - including other world-renowned millionaires - how to grow their business, build abundance, have a fulfilling relationship, and finding balance in four main areas of life: Your Mind, Body, Relationships, and Finances The Owner and Founder of Instant Wealth AcademyTM and The SHIFTTM, Will PowerTM will has been praised by leading business authorities and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Promo Magazine and on FOX News, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS.
He has trained companies systematically how to empower, educate, and motivate executives and employees to grow their business. An innovator and progressive entrepreneur and investor in the success industry, he can share his presentations in real-life stories of building high performance teams, award-winning products, and fostering a culture of innovation. His goal is always to motivate his audience to lead change in their own personal life through innovation and employee empowerment.

Whether you are looking for a speaker for an intimate board room setting or an arena of audience of 5000+, Will PowerTM will have your attendees walk away with energy and action plans to take their life to next level. He is a thought leader in the success industry, and a highly respected and sought after speaker at leadership conferences.
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